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General section


jGuard integration on JEE applications

jGuard integration with webapps using JMX technology

jGuard integration on Struts webapps.

jGuard integration with DWR

jGuard integration on standalone applications

find.png Audit

lock.png Security Architecture


Authentication mechanism

identity.png Subject/User


edit_group.png AuthenticationManagers

AuthenticationManager based on XML

AuthenticationManager based on Database


You should have noticed that the LoginModule configuration for loginModules involved in validating user identity is now very small: configuration already defined in AuthenticationManager are reused to establish connections in loginmodules. so, JdbcLoginmodule uses JdbcAuthenticationManager configuration to establish database connections and so on...

LoginModules based on XML

LoginModules based on Database

Since the 0.80 release, all dedicated database-related loginModules have been removed and regrouped into the JdbcLoginModule.

LoginModules based on LDAP

LoginModules based on Certificate Authority

LoginModules based on Captcha



Authorization Managers

Authorization Managers based on XML

Authorization Managers based on Database

Since 0.70 release, all database-based AuthorizationManager have been removed and replaced by JdbcAuthorizationManager.

permission.png Permissions

Advanced jGuard(jGuard install on jvm)

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