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quick.png Quick start guide

This procedure allows quick installation of jGuard and testing of the jGuardExample.war archive provided in the distribution. The jGuardExample is configured to work with the XmlLoginModule, XmlAuthenticationManager and the XmlAuthorizationManager.


  • java 4(also known as 1.4) or higher
  • jee 3(also known as j2ee 1.3) or higher


  • Add the jguard-struts-example.war to your application server
    • Tomcat : put the jguard-struts-example.war file under your ${CATALINA_HOME}/webapps directory
    • JBoss : put the jguard-struts-example.war file under ${JBOSS_HOME}/server/Default/deploy directory
  • Start your application server
You can test jGuard with the provided example, at this adress:

*note that since jGuard 1.0.0 beta 3, there is no requirement by default (the default scope is 'local') to put some jguard archives in the "shared libraries" directory of your application server. there is also no requirement to edit any java.policy file.

all the security is embedded in your webapp. *

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