Road Map / TODO List

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RoadMap/TODO List



planned release date:

1.1.0 beta 1:
  • audit feature foundation apply.png
  • decoupling HTTP rpotocol from AccessFilter for preparing JSF support in the next beta release apply.png

1.0 final

  • provide integratrion in DWR library for AJAX security apply.png
  • add 'hasPermission' tag apply.png

1.0 Beta 3

  • add an isolated authentication mechanism apply.png

1.0 Beta 2

  • add a complete LDAP support for authentication (LoginModule implementation) apply.png

1.0 Beta 1

  • add ABAC feature (attribute based access control) apply.png
  • activate/unactivate a role by user apply.png
  • maven 2 migration apply.png
  • subversion migration apply.png
  • negative permission apply.png
  • swing example apply.png
  • support multiple security model (with advanced domain combiners) apply.png
  • singlePolicy for standalone applications apply.png
  • handle JMX security(with RMI connector) apply.png
  • localized execution rights restriction apply.png
  • activate/passivate roles on the fly apply.png
  • internationalization of jguard error messages apply.png


  • add Jcaptcha integration apply.png
  • add authenticationManager implementations based on databases with the same mechanism than authorizationManager(properties based) apply.png
  • fix auto-ddl feature apply.png
  • refactor database-related loginModules into Jdbcloginmodule with properties (like authorizationManager) apply.png
  • enhance CRL and OCSP support apply.png
  • add JNDIAuthorizationManager (very simple) apply.png
  • refactor database connection handlings (through driverManager or JNDI) apply.png
  • enhance message digest and salt apply.png


  • externalize in an XML file configuration all the web.xml parameters with the corresponding dtd apply.png
  • add JBoss support apply.png
  • add the redirect after authentication feature (#1213549) apply.png
  • add BASIC authentication apply.png
  • add CLIENT_CERT (server and clients authenticate through certificates) authentication via CRL and OCSP mechanism apply.png
  • manage any subclasses with the XML backend(#1202809) apply.png
  • propagate security controls on any code on the webapp apply.png
  • add better integration with libraries which use the j2ee secuirty methods from HttpServletRequest ('isUserInrole','getuserPrincipal',and 'getRemoteUser' methods) apply.png
  • add an auditManager apply.png
  • add jGuard's own LDAPLoginModule apply.png
  • add role inheritance apply.png
  • add registration api apply.png
  • integrate jGuard tld into jGuard-j2ee.jar apply.png
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