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connecting to jGuard with svn

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connecting to jGuard with svn

since the 1.0 series, jGuard use subversion (svn) repository from sourceforge.

connecting to svn with the subversive Eclipse plugin

when you create a new svn repository with the Subversive plugin,you have to fill the root url in that way:


user and password are those of your sourceforge account.

Subversion notions

  • trunk
this directory contains the more up-to-date files. that's the main location where developers work between two major releases.
  • branches
this directory contains set of files created when major releases are done.
  • tags
this directory contains set of files created to have some highlighted points in the development process, done in branches(like minor releases) or trunk. files in this directory must NOT be updated (these et of files are snapshots of development).

svn structure and jguard projects

since 1.0 release, jguard use the nested structure proposed by maven 2. it implies that the parent project jguard , contains others projects jguard-core, jguard-ext, jguard-ext-java-5, jguard-jee, jguard-jee-extras, jguard-struts-example, jguard-swing-example in the svn filesystem.

to do operations on all these sub-projects (modules in maven2), you have to be in the jguard direcotry and for example tape

mvn clean install

here is the structure of the trunk directory :


note that the same kind of structure is present in each subdirectory of the 'branches' directory , and in each subdirectory of the 'tags' directory.

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